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Thank you for choosing blue4designs! I am honored that one of our pieces will be in your home or given as a gift! 

My name is Erin DeRusha, and I am the maker behind everything you see here at B4D! I am wife to Tom and mom to Ashleigh and Jake, and as a 3rd grade teacher for most of my adult life, becoming a small business owner was never on my radar. Being creative, tackling home remodels and DIY's, and creating fun crafts as gifts, were just what I considered some of my favorite hobbies. Then one day about 4 years ago, my wood signs I made for fun, started becoming a little more than that when friends and family wanted to purchase from me. I continued to teach full time and make signs for customers when I could. Along the way, I grew to love this "accidental second job" and began looking towards a future where I could focus on it full time. That opportunity came in the summer of 2018 when I made the very difficult decision to step away from my first love, teaching my 3rd graders. I have been growing my sign business every since and I have all of you to thank for where it is today! I am excited to work on new techniques, styles, and collaborations! The fact that my signs are truly one of a kind for each and every customer is my favorite part of what I do. I love partnering with my customers on signs for all of life's memorable moments. From weddings and babies, to memorial pieces that represent lost loved ones, I am honored to have my work be part of your life and your memories! 

So....what can I create for you or the ones you love!? Let's get started! 

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